NetObjects Fusion


This domain hosting site is specially designed for the smaller businesses
who have no need for the bigger more expensive domains.

There are 2 website maintenance packages available, 
which is the first of it’s kind.

Instead of getting a 100MB and only using 5-10MB of that,
we have put a package deal together where you will only pay 
for what you use and need. can design your website at a competitive rate or 
you can bring your own design across. is based on us creating and maintaining the websites,
keeping them fresh and up to date with the latest information etc.

All companies within will automatically be advertised
on the site itself, submitted to 6 search engines and any other promotions that undertakes.

Our Qualified Designers are ready to get you started.
We design websites for your own domains as well.

Become part of and be noticed.


NetObjects Fusion 2013
NetObjects Fusion 2013
NetObjects Fusion 2013